Ruth Henning’s Date Candy

My late mom’s birthday seems like a good day to start something new. So here it is! The Old Kitchen Range’s inaugural post, and our very first success.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I did not expect to adore these like I did.

Ruth Henning was, we think, Great-Great Grandma Ursie’s friend. Or maybe her cousin. We’re not totally sure. She was around the farm in Illinois a lot. There are several recipes in her collection that are labeled (Ruth Henning) or (Ruth H.), so wherever Ruth’s descendants are, we appreciate your Great-Great Grandmother’s contribution to our collection, too.

We have all had that moment: where you take your first bite expecting one thing and experiencing something completely different — and at the same time magical.

This recipe is ridiculously easy. Totally straighforward. Ridiculously good. And did I mention, ridiculously good?

Date Candy (Though it’s more akin to a rice crispie treat with dates in place of marshmallows)

Put 1 stick of butter, 1 c sugar, & 1c dates into a pot, cook till thick, cool, then stir in 2c rice crispies. Shape into pieces (we made mini logs), then roll in powdered sugar. 

That’s it.

They’re beautiful, too, in a rustic sort of way. I can definitely see including these in my holiday cookies or serving them at a party. They are very sweet, with sugar + dates that are already sweet + more sugar on top. Sometime I might work up a healthier version with puffed brown rice and agave, but for now we’ll just enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth butteryness of these little gems.

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2 thoughts on “Ruth Henning’s Date Candy

  1. Michael Langford

    I have dates in my fridge I can’t stand to eat as is. This is an excellent use of them.

    • For sure! Can’t go wrong with adding butter & sugar to just about anything! Don’t forget to take the date seeds out & chop them up fine before you cook them. 🙂

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